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Darwen Beds Terms & Conditions

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Darwen Beds Ltd

Darwen Beds Ltd, Atworth Business Park, Bath Rd, Atworth, Melksham, SN12 8SB

Office/Sales: 01225 791888 Fax: 01225 791826 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Terms & Conditions

New Customers

Darwen Beds Ltd requires evidence of business trading before supplying goods to any potential new customer. Documentary proof (i.e. VAT certificate, business related invoices, etc.) will be required as well as a fully completed Trade Application Form.
We reserve the right to reject any application that we feel is not ‘bona fide' trade and to turn down any prospective customer.
Orders And Delivery

Our minimum order value for customers in the business of property development / Interior design and the like is £500.00 (exc. VAT) and collection only.
Our minimum invoice order value for free delivery will be determined by location.
Our delivery service operates as multi-drop so we cannot give a specific time for delivery the best we can say would be morning or afternoon.
Our drivers are unaccompanied so they will always need assistance with unloading safely and they will not be able to leave the vehicle for any length of time. We are always in contact with our drivers so we can update you as you request.
If you operate a weekly closing day and this co-insides with our delivery schedule it will not be possible to make delivery until the next convenient time available.


We operate a strict 30 day credit facility, so therefore all goods must be paid for on the end of the 30 day term (Overdue Accounts are subject to admin charges on a sliding scale)
All new account are required to pay the first two invoices on a pro forma basis by cash/credit card bankers draft or pre arranged cleared funds,
While we do try to maintain a very close relationship with our customers it is starting to become ‘the norm' for some of our customers to forget to pay at stated terms as clearly stated on the invoice this creates more admin costs to follow up and so if no payment is made by the end of the payment term we hand the overdue sum over to our solicitors for collection.
Any bounced cheques will incur a £50 charge and the account may have to go back to a pro forma basis indefinitely.


Any items that may need redelivering due to a fault or quality issue will only be collected from and delivered back to the store where purchased and not from any private residence.
All items should be checked before delivering to your customer.
Any items to be returned should have a return sheet filled in and a good description of any problem with the furniture.
Any bespoke items of furniture made wrong due to no fault of Darwen Beds Ltd will not be taken back outright but it may be possible to rectify the problem at your cost.

Authorised Signature (Only to be signed by Owner/Director/Partner)

I confirm that all details entered are correct. I accept the terms and conditions of business and agree to abide by them and amendments and revisions thereto published from time to time on Darwen Beds Ltd invoices. In consideration of you agreeing to supply my company with goods and services on stated credit terms, I agree payment of all outstanding unpaid invoices to you by my company and I will indemnify you against any losses you may suffer as a result of my company failing to pay.





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